10 Ways To Burn More Fat



1)Cold Morning Showers: It’s proven that exposing your body to cold temperatures can stimulate increased fat burning by triggering an effect called heat thermogenesis. This is the same effect that is created through doing physical exercise and it basically means it causes the body to burn calories to produce heat. What exposure to cold also does is cause your body to shiver which puts the muscles in a state similar to that when you do a work out where they are forced to work (pulsate) to produce heat, which unsurprisingly also causes increased calorie burn and at the same time it transforms your fat cells into a more accessible state to be used for energy and heat production.

HINT: Start every day with a short cold shower (as cold as possible) and build up your time each morning. Start with 20 seconds and increase until you are hitting around 5 minutes or more. This will give you the greatest effect.

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2)Fasted Cardio: This is when you do cardio first thing in the morning before eating anything and this helps the body burn extra fat in a few different ways. Most Importantly being the fact that after fasting all night (not eating) the body is prepared to dip straight into the fat stores ahead of carbohydrate for energy as you  will have depleted glycogen stores over night. Research has shown that fasted cardio can increase fat burning by up to 20% as well as targeting the more stubborn fat stores such as is found around the hips, waist, thighs, abs, or wherever your genetics causes fat build up.

HINT: Combine your morning cardio with 2-3 grams of turmeric and either a moderate caffeine intake or a yohimbine supplement to increase fat burning effect.

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Also take BCAA’s 10 minutes prior as to avoid any muscle cannibalising for energy.

3)Interval/HIIT Training: This involves training at high intensities for short periods of time (e.g. 10-30 seconds) followed by short to long periods of rest/low intensity (e.g. 10-150seconds) repeated over a period of time generally not exceeding 30 minutes. The aim is to perform at 100% max effort during your high intensive phase and to recover over your low intensive phase. This causes the body to use extreme amounts of glycogen meaning it needs to then dip into fat stores for energy. It also causes a speed up in metabolism that can cause increase calorie burn up to 48 hours post work out. Interval training is well known as one of the most effective ways to burn fat.

HINT: Gym bikes are very useful for interval training as they cause know inflammation as there is no impact on the joints. They also allow people of all ages and abilities to perform at high intensities with no risk of injury.

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4)Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A lot of fat these days is more than just a build up of fat cells/adipose tissue. Due to peoples diets in general being jam packed with toxins, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, refined sugars, gluten, dairy, etc a lot of the visible fat as well as the hidden fat is made up of inflammatory cells called macrophage cells which have been sent out by the immune system to control the inflammation caused by these pro-inflammatory foods and compounds. An anti-inflammatory approach to eating will aid in the control of the inflammation surrounding the fat cells and will increase weight-loss a fair amount.

HINT: The most potent anti-inflammtory foods are; Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), Turmeric, Cinnamon, Berries, Ginger, (raw) Green vegetables.

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5)Lower Carbohydrate Intake: Although Carbohydrates are very important for energy production, particularly when performing at an intense level, they also cause the most fat build up out of the macronutrients when people do not regulate their intakes. Excessive carb intake leads to a rise in the hormone insulin which has the primary job of controlling the blood sugar by taking sugars out of the blood to be stored either in the muscles (which is good) or in the fat (which is bad). Lowering carbohydrate intake will mean that your body looks to break down fat stores due to the lack of glycogen in the muscles and blood.

HINT: Refined or starchy carbohydrates will cause the the biggest surge in blood sugar and in turn the most weight gain. Also, although fruit is very healthy, the fructose it contains reacts in the same way as refined sugars when it is isolated so it is important minimise intake for sugary fruit if you aren’t losing weight as fast as you’d hoped.

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6) Drink More Water: Water; as our bodies are mostly made up of the stuff it isn’t surprising that getting a good daily intake of it is extremely important. Water ensures that all the bodies processes take place. It carries nutrients, proteins, minerals, cholesterol and much more around the body, it insulates us and keeps us warm, it eliminates chemicals and toxins, etc. So, a lack of water will lead to faulty processes all round the body included increased congestion of fat mobilisation. Water is what transports fat out of the fat cells to be burnt, without it this simply wouldn’t happen.

HINT: Drink anything from 2-6 litres of water per day and include raw fruits and vegetables which contain high amounts of liquid.

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7) Lower Your Calorie Intake: Everyone has heard of the calories in VS calories out theory which basically means that if you expend more energy than you consume, your weight will decrease, and although with modern diets it is not as simple as that because there are many more factors why we get fat than just eating too much, it is still one of the primary ways to lose weight when done properly. However it is very important that you do not do it excessively as this will cause other problems like muscle depletion.

HINT: Fill your diet with low calorie foods like vegetables and smoothies & drink more water. This will decrease hunger and make it easier to eat less through out the day.

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8) Lift Weights: This is one of the most commonly overlooked methods of burning fat for those new to exercise, as common fitness knowledge tells us that we should just do cardio to lose weight. It is very important that we keep our muscles active and working when our goal is fat-loss and resistance training is the ideal method for this. Weight-lifting stimulates an increase in mitochondria in the muscles which make up our bodies fat burning furnaces. The bigger the muscle, the more mitochondria, the more fat you will burn when doing cardio and resistance training. Weight lifting also causes a 24/7 metabolism boost causing a constant increase in calorie burn.

HINT: Train Resistance 3-5x Per week

Working primarily in the 10-16 rep range. Ensure that you include a lot of compound lifting such as bench press & dead-lift, and a lot of leg work such as squats & lunges.

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9) Consume A Nutritarian Diet:

This basically means a diet abundant in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc. The more ammunition you can supply your body with the better it will be able to perform all processes from muscle growth, to fighting disease, to eliminating unwanted fat. It is important that you provide your body with a wide variety of colourful foods containing the whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals and more.

HINT: Vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Consume them along with nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, good proteins, etc to provide the widest range possible. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrients in.

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10) Eat More Lean Protein: Protein is well known as the macronutrient responsible for muscle growth and repair but this is far from it’s only benefit. Consuming protein helps to control hunger and appetite and it helps to regulate insulin levels and much much more. Another useful benefit when it comes to fat loss is the way that protein prepares the bodies fat burning systems.

HINT: Consider sticking to the leaner protein sources such as chicken breast & turkey breast as well as consuming lots of fish like salmon & tuna. You Should aim to eat around 1g of protein per pound of body weight for men & 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight for women. This should be separated through the day through meals combined with a mix of vegetables.

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